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Faces Medspa at Dubuque ENT has a variety of state-of-the-art anti-aging procedures to rejuvenate your appearance. Laser skin resurfacing with the Fractional Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser is one of the most effective procedures to improve skin quality and texture while reducing fine and moderately deep lines. Because CO2 laser resurfacing relies on stimulating collagen synthesis, results are very impressive and more natural-appearing than when relying on injectable fillers alone.

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing in Dubuque is designed to dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, reduce discoloration, and stimulate natural collagen production in the skin of the face, neck, chest, and hands, leading to steady rejuvenation over several months and lasting up to several years. Additionally, laser resurfacing can be used in combination with aesthetic facial surgery, such as a facelift or neck lift, to achieve the best results possible.






Because fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing targets lines, texture, tone, and brown spots, it’s used to globally rejuvenate the skin. It corrects color problems, eliminates fine lines, and tightens the skin, giving the entire face a younger, refreshed appearance. Although it is most often used to treat the face, the CO2 laser can be used to improve neck, chest, arms, and hand skin. It is also frequently combined with surgical lifting procedures at Faces Medspa. If a facelift or neck lift is performed alone, the skin often doesn’t match the newer lifted appearance, making it look “done.” By rejuvenating the skin at the same time as surgery, the final result is a much more natural. The laser also beautifully softens and eliminates vertical lines around the mouth and tightens eyelid skin, which no surgical or injectable filler procedure can accomplish well.

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Fractionation of the CO2 laser allows us to target deeper portions of the dermis while protecting small bridges of unaffected tissue that are left intact. This is similar to the aeration of your lawn, where small plugs are removed but the remaining lawn is intact. These islands of intact skin make the healing process much faster, the procedure safer, and you back to work with rejuvenated skin quickly. Each pulse vaporizes a column of tissue that heats collagen deeply. This heat stimulates collagen growth, eliminates fine lines/wrinkles, improves pore texture, and tightens the skin.

There is some discomfort with the procedure, however it is performed with numbing cream, injections, and other anesthetic medication desigend to maximize your comfort. Four to five days of oozing skin and swelling followed by peeling is expected and total recovery time is under 7-8 days. By day 5 most patients can wear mineral based cover up to soften residual redness.

Results are immediate with improvement of fine lines, elimination of pigmentation, pore size reduction and skin tightening. New collagen formation, however, will continue for the next 6 months, so expect additional improvement over the next season or two!


What is a Fractional CO2 Laser?

The carbon dioxide fractional resurfacing laser is the gold-standard for skin resurfacing, and allows treatment of deep layers of the skin for the most effective tightening. The concept is similar to aeration of your lawn, where "plugs" of lawn are removed and the remaining lawn is left undisturbed. The grid pattern of treated skin allows for incredibly intense treatment for maximum results, while the untreated areas allow for rapid healing and minimizes risk of complications

What does the CO2 laser treat?

The conditions that the fractional CO2 laser treats include age spots, skin laxity, uneven texture, dull color to the skin, and a thined skin. It is most commonly used for skin rejuvenation of the face, but can also be used on the body for scars, stretch marks, and other conditions

Is a CO2 Laser treatment painful?

Sometimes there can be some discomfort and it just depends on your skin type and how aggressive we are at treating your skin so that we can achieve the results that you are looking to achieve. Dr. Givens utilizes numbing cream, numbing injections, cold air chiller and light sedation to minimize discomfort. Coming soon is a "laughing gas" Pronox system for maximum comfort to the procedure.

How long do results last?

The results ultimately depend on how long you’re going to take care of your skin after the procedure but can easily last several years to half or even a full decade. What we mean by taking care of your skin means applying sunscreen daily, moisturizing, as well as continuously maintaining the skin renewal process with exfoliation. Results are permanent, but the aging process continues differently for different people. For this reason, we offer several less invasive laser procedures to maintain results, such as Moxi laser and Secret RF. Remember that your results will vary depending on your skin type. Excellent results are visible immediately after the healing process, however most patients experience ongoing improvement for the next 6 months as the collagen stimulation process continues. The redness can last anywhere from two weeks to 3 months depending on how aggressive the treatment is.

How does the Fractional CO2 Laser work?

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is designed to stimulate natural collagen production in the skin of the face, neck, chest, and hands, leading to steady rejuvenation over several months and lasting up to several years. Additionally, laser resurfacing can be used in combination with aesthetic facial surgery, such as a facelift or neck lift, to achieve the best results possible.

What are the benefits of Fractional CO2 Laser treatments?

Minimizes sun damage, acne scars, and fine lines Improves skin texture and evens skin tone Stimulates collagen for firmer, more youthful skin May help treat pre-cancerous skin lesions


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With the use of dermal fillers, we can immediately smooth out unwanted lines; add definition to lips, cheeks, or jawlines; and even fill in certain acne scars with little-to-no down time.

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Neurotoxins (BOTOX®, Dysport) are typically used to relax the muscles that produce strong facial expressions around the eyes, forehead, and in between the brows, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles.

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