For patients looking for facial rejuvenation with no downtime, or enhancement of certain facial features, dermal fillers at Faces Medspa are an excellent option. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Givens utilizes his understanding of anatomy and aesthetic vision to achieve naturally beautiful results. Dr. Givens is known as an injectable specialist and is sought by patients who desire a higher level of care in their injectable treatments. Faces Medspa in Dubuque offers a range of injectable treatments that can help you look younger. In just minutes, you can take years off your appearance—and enjoy results that last. 

DR. GIVENS PRO TIP: Prior to your appointment, avoid alcohol several nights before, avoid supplements such as fish oil and garlic which may cause bruising, and we recommend taking arnica and bromelain.  All of these measures will decrease the chances of having bruising.






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We're excited to be among the first practices in the U.S. to offer the RHA® Collection, the latest innovation in hyaluronic acid fillers. The RHA® Collection is the first hyaluronic acid filler formulated to treat dynamic lines while also allowing the product to easily move with your facial muscles.  Because RHA fillers hold together under movement so much better than previous fillers, smaller amounts are often necessary to achieve results, which results in a more natural appearance and avoidance of the "overdone" look.

Designed for Movement

The RHA® Collection is designed to adapt to the dynamic movements of your facial muscles without limiting their mobility. This produces a more natural-looking outcome while also reducing the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles.

Long-Lasting Effects

RHA dermal fillers have been clinically proven to last up to 15 months. The RHA® Collection uses newly developed hyaluronic acid compounds that more closely resemble the natural HA found in our skin. Our body’s metabolism will break down the HA gel very slowly over time. But the advanced RHA formula prolongs this metabolism allowing the hyaluronic acid dermal filler to last longer. 

The 3 Levels of The RHA® Collection 

There are three levels in the RHA® collection, each formulated for different levels of stretch and strength. The different levels are formulated to meet your unique needs depending on the progression of a wrinkle or fold development, the areas you want to target, and your end goals.

RHA®2: Treats moderate dynamic wrinkles and lines usually found around your lips and mouth.  This is our favorite for lip lines, and "parenthesis lines" or "smile lines".

RHA®3: Reduces moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around your face including the nose and mouth.  This is often used to provide structural support to areas such as the mouth corners, or along the front of the jawline.

RHA®4: Adds volume to the contours of your face to treat severe wrinkles and folds.  This is often used to provide beautiful shape and structure to the cheeks, and jawline angle.

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Faces Medspa in Dubuque carries the full line of Restylane family of products including Kysse, Lyft, Refyne, and Defyne. Restylane fillers smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, provides lip enhancement, smooth lines around the mouth, and adds lift and volume to the cheeks, and help reverse the signs of volume loss and wrinkling in the back of the hands.

Restylane® Kysse: The most current FDA-approved product designed specifically for lip augmentation. It uses hyaluronic acid particles to create more plum and contoured lips. It can also be used to smooth the appearance of vertical wrinkles around the mouth.  This filler for lip augmentation is customizable for a natural appearance while adding volume.   

Restylane® Lyft: The first FDA-approved for deep tissues using hyaluronic acid to achieve smoother and fuller cheeks, producing a more lifted appearance. It is also FDA-approved to plump the lost volume in hollowed hands, which can be an instant age giveaway. The results can last up to 12 months.

Restylane® Refyne: Contains the next-generation hyaluronic acid technology to help soften laugh lines. This can be used to achieve the look you desire around the mouth area while being flexible enough to move with you, allowing you to express yourself naturally.

Restylane® Defyne: Designed to smooth out deeper laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines). It also uses hyaluronic acid which is cross-linked in a patented way to allow for more natural-appearing movement and facial expression.  This is our favorite product for the Marionette region because it allows a perfect balance of support and natural movement around the mouth.

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While Hyaluronic Acid may be the primary ingredient in most fillers, Versa has technology that sets it apart from the competition. Using Thixofix cross-linking technology is able to reduce swelling and extend the duration of your treatment results. This technology also helps give the product a simpler shape and a more natural feel and appearance, which we all love.

An important consideration for some patients is that VERSA contains NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS.  It is also free of any animal by-products. VERSA is a biodegradable formula that your body breaks down naturally. It is manufactured in very small batches with very stringent quality standards.  Each syringe of VERSA is carefully inspected in a state-of-the-art North American facility.

This is our favorite product for under-eye fillers or "tear trough" fillers.  An added bonus, Is that each syringe comes with 20% more product than other brands, so we can achieve even greater results.  


When it comes to the appearance and care of our faces, we all have different concerns. The JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers offers a wide range of nonsurgical treatment options that can be customized to your individual needs and produce natural-looking, long-lasting results.

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA XC: Uses hyaluronic acid and FDA-approved to correct age-related volume loss in the midface (cheeks) for up to two years.

JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® XC: A hyaluronic acid-based gel formula with is FDA approval for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds for up to 18 months.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC:  These two formulas use a similar hyaluronic acid base but with varying thicknesses to provide versatility in their use in different locations and for different lengths of efficacy. Both are FDA-approved for moderate to severe facial wrinkles, and Ultra XC is also approved for lip augmentation.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC:  This thinner gel formulation of hyaluronic acid can be used to correct fine lines around the mouth as well as add natural and subtle fullness to the lips.

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Bellafill is a long-lasting, FDA-approved dermal filler. It contains collagen, a naturally occurring substance in the skin, and tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) beads which are compatible with human tissue. Unlike many other dermal fillers that are absorbed and require reinjection, Bellafill is semi-permanent implantation into the skin for the correction of nasolabial folds, also called “smile lines”. Bellafill is the only dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth long-term and is approved by the FDA to be safe and effective for up to 5 years.


Bellafill can be used for the following:
• Filling in wrinkles, fine lines, and deep creases.
• Improving other imperfections like scars.
• Correcting small to moderate nose bumps and deviations.
• Plumping up cheeks.
• Contouring the jawline and other areas of the face.

Bellafill® works in two ways:
• The collagen provides immediate volume below facial wrinkles known as smile lines to lift them to the level of the surrounding skin.
• The PMMA microspheres create a matrix that supports your body’s own collagen production.

The injectable gel is comprised of 80% purified collagen and 20% PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres. The microspheres are half the diameter of a human hair — so small that they are virtually invisible to the eye.


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Where can I have filler injected?

The face loses volume and contour when we age, the bones and the soft tissue dissolve and contribute to appearance of sagging. Dermal fillers may be used to replace this volume loss and restore the structural support, giving the patient a more youthful appearance. The aim is to make the face more harmonious and rejuvenated.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substance/gels injected beneath the skin’s surface to smooth wrinkles and add volume and contour. The products are composed of stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) which occurs naturally in the cells of the skin. It works by drawing in water and therefore augmenting the skin, thus reducing the wrinkle treated. It is by no means permanent and is totally biodegradable.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in all mammals that helps to hydrate and add volume to your skin.

What should I expect at my filler appointment?

Generally, basic dermal filler procedures require no anaesthetic as the dermal filler contains local anaesthetic. It is simple and straight-forward, involving a few tiny injections directly into the skin and deeper tissues, and takes between 15-30 minutes. Make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure and you can go straight back to work. Results can be seen immediately. Optimal results can be maintained over a long period of time through regular repeated treatments. The procedure varies from person to person depending on your requirements and the severity of the wrinkles that are being treated, in addition to the particular dermal filler being administered.

What are the benefits of filler?

As we age, we lose volume in key areas of the face. This contributes to folds, wrinkles, hollow temples, thinning lips, sunken eyes, and an older appearance to the face. Fillers can be used to restore this volume loss, smooth out folds and wrinkles, and improve contours to achieve natural results without altering facial expression. Certain fillers can also be used to correct scars.

How long does filler last?

The effects are long lasting but not permanent. They last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on a number of factors including the patient’s age, area treated, type of filler used, quantity of filler used, motion present in the area treated, and lifestyle.

Does filler make you look overdone?

When fillers are used in the appropriate amount and placed in the right location, the result is a beautiful, natural, youthful outcome. Fillers are not meant to create totally different features. In the hands of an experienced provider that has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, the outcome simply enhances one’s own facial features.


One of the biggest concerns our Dubuque patients have when considering some of the more advanced treatments like Moxi and dermal filler is pain management. This fear is understandable; the human brain is hardwired to experience anxiety at the prospect of pain. At Faces Medspa, we make every effort to keep our patients completely comfortable before, during, and after their procedures. Fortunately, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: an innovative sedation system called Pro-Nox that’s designed to minimize both anxiety and pain.

If you're interested in learning more about how Pro-Nox can be incorporated into your comfortable treatment, call Faces Medspa today.  

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Threadlifts pull the skin back slightly therefore lifting and tightening the face. A PDO thread lift is customized to your unique skin type, skin texture and aesthetic goals

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Dr. Daniel Givens is a double-boarded facial plastic surgeon in Dubuque, IA, who is dedicated to the artistry of facial rejuvenation with and without surgery.

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