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EAR PINNING (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is the procedure used to “pin back” or reposition protruding ears closer to the head. In ear surgery, Dr. Givens can adjust the size, positioning or shape of your ears. Protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment for children as well as adults. Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head. The surgery is done on children between ages four and fourteen, but it can be done on adults, as well.





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Ear surgery is available to patients who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Unlike many other forms of cosmetic surgery, otoplasty is commonly performed on children and teenagers; parents often choose otoplasty as a way for their children to avoid the potential of teasing over overly large or protruding ears. It is also available to adults who are unhappy with the shape, size, or positioning of their ears. Ear surgery may be right for you if you are in good overall health and have large, disproportionate, or protruding ears.

While this is a surgical process, it is a fairly minor one. Cosmetic ear surgery usually takes about an hour per ear – or two hours for the entire surgical procedure. It can be performed with local anesthesia, though general anesthesia is often recommended, especially for children. An incision in the natural creases of the ear or behind the ear enables access to the cartilage forming the structure of the ear. During this surgery, cartilage or skin may be trimmed away to make the ears smaller. Ears that stick out too far from the head can be pinned back with the use of internal sutures.

  • What do neuromodulators do?
    Neuromodulators (including Botox and Dysport) relax the muscles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face and neck. These treatments combat forehead lines, glabella lines ("11's" between the brows), crows feet (around the eyes), smile lines, neck lines, and other wrinkles associated with aging. They can also be used to help sculpt and lift facial features including for a nonsurgical brow lift and a nonsurgical neck lift.
  • What is the difference between BOTOX and Dysport?
    While BOTOX and Dysport both use the same substance (botulinum toxin A) and are based on the same mechanism of action, the size of the molecules in the injections are significantly different. Dysport contains smaller molecules of botulinum toxin type A than BOTOX. - Dysport can spread through your cells more easily - Dysport may begin working slightly faster than BOTOX - Results from Dysport and Botox last for a similar amount of time
  • How many units of Botox will I need? How many units of Dysport will I need?
    The amount of units needed can differ from person to person depending upon your desired outcome, the area of concern to be treated, the strength of the muscles in the area, and whether the treatment is for prevention or to treat existing fine lines and wrinkles and their severity.
  • When will I see results from Botox and Dysport?
    Most patients can expect to notice early results of Dysport between two to five days following treatment, while results from Botox may take seven to fourteen days. The degree of muscle relation can continue to evolve for about two weeks and the results last for three to four months. The longer the BOTOX treatments have been routinely performed, the more relaxed the facial wrinkles will appear over time. Results of Dysport are similar, but often with a slightly quicker onset of action.
  • How long does Botox last? How long does Dysport last?
    Results may vary based upon the dose given, as well as on muscle strength of the area and metabolism, as our bodies metabolize (or break down) the Neuromodulators over time. Treatment to maintain your results are recommend every three to four months. Using medical grade skin care products at home as part of a daily skin care regime can help to maintain your results and improve the appearance and quality of your skin.
  • Does Botox and Dysport hurt?
    Many of us are not big fans of shots, especially needles in general. However, Neuromodulators are generally quickly injected with a minimal amount of discomfort, using the smallest needle available. Many of our patients barely notice the injections.
  • Who are good candidates for BOTOX and Dysport?
    BOTOX and Dysport have been proven safe and effective for treatment of a wide variety of patient and wrinkle types, however, the earlier the treatment is started, the more favorable the results can be. Some patients are not candidates for this type of treatment and include those diagnosed with neurological conditions or disorders affecting muscle movement, history of allergy to the botulinum toxin product, or those with unrealistic expectations from the treatment. Patients who are pregnant or nursing are discouraged from undergoing treatment.


With the use of dermal fillers, we can immediately smooth out unwanted lines; add definition to lips, cheeks, or jaw lines; and even fill in certain acne scars with little-to-no down time.

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Dr. Givens with Faces Medspa in Dubuque has helped thousands of patients enjoy natural-looking results tailored with their specific goals in mind.

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