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Iowa Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dan Givens


Dr. Givens frequently treats patients from out of town, who travel to our practice for their procedures.  On some occasions, he is able to offer virtual consultations in order to meet the patient and discuss treatment options.  In most cases, it will be necessary for the patient to make at least one in-person visit prior to scheduling surgery.  This is necessary in order for Dr. Givens to ensure that the patient is an appropriate surgical candidate, and to allow for important surgical planning.  

After surgery, typically an appointment is required the next day, as well as seven days after surgery.  On some occasions, additional visits may be required to help manage the healing process.  

We recommend the following accommodations for our patients travelling from out of town:


Hampton Inn Dubuque (Closest option)

Marriott Towneplace Suites (Modern and comfortable hotel in the historic millwork district)

Hotel Julien (Modern boutique hotel on main street)


With the use of dermal fillers, we can immediately smooth out unwanted lines; add definition to lips, cheeks, or jawlines; and even fill in certain acne scars with little-to-no down time.

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Help prevent the visible signs of aging and address the overall effects time and environment have on your skin by treating your skin to a laser treatment from Faces Medspa, Dubuque's leading laser treatment clinic.

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