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Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Earlobes like many structures in our body are susceptible to the inevitable sagging that happens because of gravity with the aging process. Whether they are pulled downwards by heavy earrings, or the tissue laxity causes them to look enlarged, there are some solutions to this problem.

The first is easier than it might seem: Injectable fillers. Fillers such as RHA3 and Restylane are made with Hyaluronic Acid, a substance which is naturally found in the body. These gels are modified during the manufacturing process to give them unique properties, natural qualities, and to resist degradation for long lasting effects. Oftentimes, some filler carefully placed in the earlobes and around a piercing can refresh a stretched and sagging earlobe. Results in most cases can last longer than a year.

When the earlobes are overly stretched, some patients turn to surgery. A “lobule reduction” can be performed in a straightforward manner in the office surgery suite at Faces Medspa in Dubuque, Iowa under local anesthesia. This procedure uses precise geometric design to remove excess tissue, maintain symmetry, and preserve the natural appearance of the lower earlobe border.

The picture below shows the preoperative planning process. The size and shape of the earlobe, as well as the presence and position of piercings are taken into account to plan the surgery.

This picture shows the same markings in place on the patient prior to surgery.

This picture shows a what the flap looks like prior to closure.

Finally, this picture shows the result of the reduction after closure.

Healing from a lobule reduction is straightforward; there are no activity limitations and sutures are removed one week later. Incisions generally heal very well without noticeable scarring, and the earlobes can be pierced again several months later.

For precise and artistic results, seek a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in your community.


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