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Gauge Piercing Repair

Gauge piercings have increased in popularity over recent years, however when the piercing gauge is removed, you can be left with a large and unsightly hole in the ear, with dangling earlobes. It is possible to reconstruct a gauge piercing, and restore the natural shape of the earlobe.

Using careful planning and meticulous surgical detail, key features of earlobe anatomy are preserved such as the natural shape of the rim of the earlobe. This minor surgical procedure can take less than an hour, and is performed in our office surgery suite under local anesthesia. Sutures remain in place for seven days. Scarring is minimal, and fades nicely over time. The examples above show early scars, and additional improvement is expected.

While it is possible to re-pierce the ears after reconstruction, we typically recommend waiting as long as possible to do so to allow the earlobe to attain maximum strength. The minimum time would be three months, however one year is optimal.

For Gauge piercing repair in Dubuque, IA and the eastern Iowa region, Dr. Givens is the local expert in this process. For consultation, please call (563) 239-9039 or email


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